1-  Data Security: Approach, Guidelines, Assessment, and Best Practices.
2-   Compaq Adaptive Architecture: Strategy and Technical Analysis.
3-   The Need for CRM.
4-   CRM and The Financial Industry: Implementation Challenges and Lessons Learned.
5-  Campaign Management Technology Platforms: Siebel Marketing Vs.Epiphany
6-   CRM in Healthcare: Achieving Business Value.
7-   CRM and The e-Healthcare Industry: Siebel Implementation Challenges and Lessons Learned.
8-   General Topics in Healthcare Technology.
9-   Pharmaceutical Practice: Marketing Strategy and Tactics.
11- Mobile eBusiness: Challenges, Business Strategy and Technical Analysis.
12- Business Intelligence Vendors: Ratings, Capabilities, Analysis & Recommendations.
13- Scheduling for Healthcare.
14- Enterprise Data Warehouse: Some Thoughts and Lessons Learned.
15- Windows XP Migration: Strategy and Approach.
16- Document Management Overview: Business Benefits & Critical Success Factors.
17- Document Management Software Selection.
18- Records Management Self Evaluation Guide.
19- Record Retention.
20- CEOs Must Relearn Competitive Analysis to Become Customer-Centric and Compete Effectively.
21- How does your organization distinguish itself in a technological marketplace full of competitors one click away?.
22- The Migration to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

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