Technology – E-Business

eBusiness solutions cover a lot of ground in the business-place today; from the client-facing website, to content management requirements and implementation to the strategy of the eCommerce initiative to the detailed interfaces between your business applications and the back office. Here are some of the areas and technologies of eBusiness supported by American CIT:

  • Customer Relationship Management- e.g. Siebel, PeopleSoft and Clarify
  • Enterprise Resource Planning- e.g. SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft
  • Supply Chain management- e.g. i2, Commerce One
  • Selling Chain Management- e.g. Trilogy
  • Operating Resource Management- e.g. Ariba
  • Content Management- e.g. Vignette, Interwoven
  • Contact Management- e.g. IBM, Oracle, Siebel
  • Personalization- e.g. Broadvision, Vignette
  • Enterprise Application Integration- e.g. CrossWorlds
  • Business Analytics, Knowledge Management and Decision Support- e.g. SAP