Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

American CIT offers targeting, positioning,product/service development and pricing, situational analysis, direct marketing, and customer service development, marketing strategy development and marketing plan development services to provide companies with a totally reinvented marketing program and a road map to increased sales and profits.

Marketing Strategy Development

You may know where your organization stands in the marketplace. And you may know where you want to take it. But how do you get from where you are to where you want to be? American CIT offers our clients a comprehensive mix of Marketing Strategy consulting services:

Marketing Vision & Mission

There are many ways to segment any market and hundreds of variables that might form the basis for segmentation. Our experience has shown us that optimal segmentation will strike a perfect balance between the value of the customer to the enterprise and the value of the enterprise to the customer. American CIT’s approach to segmentation provides valuable insight into how to win a customer’s business—and keep it.


Though positioning is a cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy, most brands do not have a clear positioning. Our powerful approach to determining the best positioning-the succinct, lasting message you want to fix in people’s heads about your product or service-reveals what is most important to your targets, not what they say is most important.

Database Mining & Direct Marketing Simulation

These services help develop, pretest, and launch direct marketing programs using proprietary models to predict the best prospects or customers to target and the outcome of a direct response campaign before it is launched.

Product/Service Development & Pricing

Everyday, marketers face critical design decisions about the features, benefits, and pricing of new and established products/services. American CIT’s expert Marketing team can help guide you through this critical decision-making process.

Marketing Vision & Mission

As a precursor to the development of the components of a marketing strategy, American CIT helps companies develop a marketing vision and mission.

Customer Service Development

This service creates “highly profitable” customer service programs, designed to balance service requirements and costs in order to retain high-value customers at an attractive price.