Product Development

Companies that look forward to a long-term future must continue to set long-term objectives. One of the most critical objectives is to accelerate the revenue stream from its existing products through introduction to additional market verticals. To achieve this objective, companies must expand their product functionalities and business processes to fit the target market verticals.
Companiesface and unprecedented range of pressures. Regulators are requiring companies to comply with the new reporting standards mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley. Shareholders and boards are demanding better insight into the companyà´²ue financial condition. CEOs are asking finance for faster, more accurate analysis of the firmaurrent and forecasted performance to enable better business decisions.
Meeting these demands calls for a level of visibility into financial and operational information from across the organization that few finance executives have today. To address these problems, many companies are turning to enterprise performance management (EPM) software. The promise of this technology is appealing: better visibility into corporate data, the ability to perform fast consolidation and reporting, and the ability to conduct more accurate forecasts. But for many companies, EPM software hasnaved up to this promise. The problem is that executives often regard the technology as a quick fixe implement software without first addressing the fundamentals of performance management or the underlying infrastructure problems.

Product Development Methodology
Customersds and wants are the logical place to start in the search for new product lines or enhancement to an existing product. The phase approach to product development is a logical and orderly way for an organization to guide the valuation of the product service enhancement P/S/E in order to institute management procedures and to keep aware of the progress and issues. American CITвoduct Development Methodology will help our Clients:
1.Provide detail description of the required functionalities, enhancements and a clear road map of    the business processes.
2.Simplify the effort to bring the product to a new market vertical
3.Introduce ways to enhance the existing product functionalities
4.Tie together the many pieces of Product Development under a common framework.

There are 5 different phases of the Methodology:
The process is broadly defined and the scope and nature of work within the company will determine how the process should apply. Each of these phases has a clear purpose, logical ending and requires a multi disciplinary team working together for a common purpose.