Financial services providers (FSPs) face intense competitive pressure, partly as a result of difficult economic conditions, but also because of deregulation and convergence — which have introduced a vast array of nontraditional competitors to an already crowded marketplace. As they search for every possible competitive advantage, FSP decision makers are beginning to understand that they simply cannot afford to ignore one of their customers’ most urgent and consistent demands — exceptional service.

Enhanced customer service is widely recognized as a critical competitive differentiator — a key means of attracting and retaining customers and driving profitability in an industry whose products are becoming increasingly undifferentiated. Customer expectations of service quality are constantly rising as new technology-driven service channels — from the Internet to wireless devices, from call centers to Web-enabled automated teller machines (ATMs) — become available; they expect the same high level of service, regardless of the channel.

This dramatic change in customer service expectations comes at a difficult time for FSPs. A tough economy has left IT departments with extremely limited and constrained budgets for new initiatives — even those that support customer service. Fortunately, the same technologies that enable FSPs to deliver exceptional service also offer another, almost equally important benefit — cost containment and reduction.

The new technologies that FSPs are implementing to streamline workflow, automate processes and synchronize operations across all customer-facing channels are paying off in enhanced customer service. They are also driving new operational efficiencies, reducing transaction times and speeding the delivery of new products to market, while reducing labor and other costs. Moreover, these technologies are achieving these goals within established IT budgets, because they typically leverage current technology investments.

Exceptional customer service and improved operational efficiency will unquestionably be among the most important demands on FSPs during the coming months and years. Achieving these synergistic goals will not be a simple matter, however, and FSP IT departments and line-of-business managers will need a detailed understanding of the mission-critical technical and operational issues involved.

Wability’s Financial Services Practice works with major financial service providers such as, banks, insurance companies, investment banks, brokerage and investment management firms to turn foresight and challenges into opportunities. We can assist you in identifying and implementing solutions that will improve performance, efficiency and profitability — no matter what the environment.

Consumer banking organizations face the growing challenges of globalization, consolidation, and the race to keep up with new technology as the industry rapidly evolves and expands. In this constantly changing landscape, service providers are investing heavily to devise end-to-end solutions required to meet growing consumer demands and adapt to the global economy.

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As the capital markets industry struggles to recover from the market downturn with uncertainty in a fast-changing economic climate, financial enterprises are challenged by convergence, market fluctuations, client expectations and new competitors

Welcome to a time of uncertainty. Consolidation.Globalization.Deregulation.Mobile Commerce.New Business Models.Changing Consumer Expectations. The effects of these trends on the banking industry are enormous.

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