Two suspects identified over death of liam davies, ex-copper secretary-general

Two suspects identified over death of liam davies, e우리카지노x-copper s더킹카지노ecretary-general

Trouble for the Cabinet and other senior officials: the former chairman of the UK’s most powerful steel company was found with a lethal amount of lead inside him; he had a history of violent crimes and a series of drug convictions; some his former aides were sacked for failing to prevent his deaths, with some resignations over alleged involvement in his deaths; and his son, Sir Anthony, is suspected of masterminding the conspiracy.

The three have been formally charged with three counts of murder over the death of the 57-year-old Sir Alan Wilson, who died in the north London home on 1 August last year at the age of 84.

It was alleged on Tuesday that the killers, aged between 35 and 63, set off a fire which killed Sir Alan, who was due to return from a visit with his family in Portugal, and that the home’s residents were then “stunned by the killing”.

Image copyright PA Image caption Former chair Sir Alan Wilson and his wife Elizabeth died together last year

Police are investigating several leads, including the possible use of a stolen motorbike as a weapon.

At the press conference on Tuesday, detectives said: “We have seen, so far, no links to terrorism, including terrorist attacks by foreign men or groups. In some of these cases, the suspect appears to have left a trail. “The murder has to be understood in its own right and the facts and circumstances of the crime must be determined and investigated.”

Sir Alan Wilson’s sister Margaret, who lives on the Isle of Wight in north London, described him as “an exceptional family man”.

She said his death was one of the most important events in her uncle’s life.

The jury returned their verdict on 2 August. They have been asked to return for the last two days of deliberations.

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